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Family Dining

What is Family Dining?

  • IMG_1762Tables are set up with water, cups, plates and cutlery
  • Students enter the dining hall and sit at their assigned table (which changes each term)
  • Each table has five or six students from the same house
  • Teacher signals the beginning of family dining
  • Student A collects main course
  • Student B serves main course
  • Student C clears main course when all students have finished eating
  • Student D collects dessert
  • Student E clears dessert once all students have finished eating (and wipes table if only 5 students at table)
  • Student F wipes table clean
  • When all students are sat at the clean table they are dismissed by a member of staff.

Why do we do Family Dining?

  • IMG_1756There is always enough food for every student
  • No queueing and so students get more time to play at lunch time
  • Decreases instances of bullying and exclusion as everyone sits according to a seating plan
  • Students get to meet new people and practice social skills
  • Encourages citizenship and team work
  • Meals are paid for via the e-payment system ParentPay meaning that students do not need to carry cash with them to school.

Given the importance of Family Dining to the wider school culture, if a student is found to not be attending this will be treated as internal truancy and the student will be issued with a detention.