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img_2360The Dance curriculum at KAA provides students with an outstanding Dance education, with a focus on developing students’ practical and theoretical skills in the subject through the three components of choreography, performance and appreciation. We believe that a deep understanding of these concepts are essential in order to achieve excellence in GCSE and A-Level Dance and to develop confident and enthusiastic Dance students who have a passion for the subject.

The department provides opportunities for students to develop as choreographers, performers and dance critics to a level which will allow them to study the subject at University or follow a career into the dance profession. The curriculum has been designed and is structured around a series of ‘fertile questions’ which are explored over a period of lessons culminating in an assessment at the end of each term.

In Year 7 students start by developing their choreographic skills through stimulus work and their understanding of the four main elements of dance. They also look at dance styles from around the World, focusing on Street, Irish and Indian Dance; as well as developing an appreciation of professional dance works in the Summer Term.

In Year 8 students start by developing their choreographic skills through stimulus work and their understanding of motif and motif development. They also look at Musicals, focusing on Hairspray, Aladdin and Matilda.

Curriculum Map

dance-fq-y7 drama-fq-y8


Students are not set homework on a formal basis in dance although homework can be set occasionally at the discretion of the teacher. As dancers, we are always looking to further develop and improve our performance skills, and we encourage all students to rehearse outside of lesson time, especially in the lead up to assessments. The dance area at KAA Online includes links, videos and worksheets to support practice for each fertile question.

Looking for ways to improve in Dance?

  • Attend dance workshops (Pineapple, Rambert, Laban)
  • Watch live performance (Sadler’s Wells, The Royal Opera House)
  • Visit the school library for books on dance and dance practitioners

Dance Teachers

Mr Dunning – Lead Teacher of Dance

Ms Grace – Teacher of Dance