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Reading Ages

IMG_1497Upon entry to KAA all students complete a Suffolk Reading Test, a standardised reading test consisting of multiple-choice and sentence-completion questions. This test gives us a Reading Age (RA) for each student – this is his or her reading ability expressed with reference to the average age at which a comparable ability is found. This is given in years and months, so a RA of 11.5 means that a student is reading at the equivalent of a child of 11 years and 5 months. To read more about the Suffolk Reading Test please visit their website.

We use this information to assign all students to a reading group (with an average size of 12) for Morning Reading sessions every day. During these classes students are given tailored support to help them progress throughout the year. Your child’s reading age will be included on their termly report in Year 7.

As a result of our reading programme at KAA students with a RA higher than their chronological age are expected to continue to progress in line with their chronological age or above. For students with a RA below 11 progress is tracked via computer software in order to provide specific measures and support that will allow them to make significant improvement.

A small number of students enter the school with a weaker reading age. These students are given targeted intervention in Year 7 to improve their reading age. Last year our Year 7 ‘Fresh Start’ group made excellent progress as a result of these interventions.


Through these measures all students at KAA will become confident, articulate readers.